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Source Solutions, a leading Internet service, professional web company for Joomla and WordPress, domain registration, SSL certificates, website development and maintenance more introduced Installatron Application Installer property offers guests shared accommodation.

Customers who subscribe to single-source solutions for Joomla Web business web hosting or have immediate access to the Installatron Hosting-powerful interface and easy to use and offers the user the ability to choose from a wide range and number of web applications and install support for the effective implementation and enforcement.

Installatron brings a wealth of features, including support for cPanel plugin allows easy use and management directly from the account’s cPanel. With Installatron interface applications can be searched with keywords so that website owners to quickly find a particular application or application type. Applications can be filtered to only if "be transferred to a position in the owner of the site \\ ‘s native language, and applications can be filtered to show only if you need a database.

To find website owners, search and filtering of web applications available, you will find information about the individual applications, see screenshots used, take the test request, see their applications, as well as links to Web pages, documents, FAQ, support forums and much more.

The questions are regularly updated and new versions. To ensure the safety of installing applications is the availability of Release hotfixes for security is of the utmost importance. Single Source Solutions \ use Installatron critics security guarantees versions are tested and deployed within hours by the release by the manufacturer of the application, including holidays and non-business versions.

The workflow of all activities to restore the ability to update and use a standard "one-click" navigation and workflow. Immediate intuitive for new website owners are allowed to produce this model to browse quickly and without having to go through several steps or side-quests.

The customer also has the ability to display a front application installation. Live demonstration of the application enables website owners to test applications and provides test case preinstalled. The live demonstration is an example of a couple of hours, and several instances of application are available to minimize the conflicts of use and to allow parallel evaluation of different languages and settings.

S File works project management standard is HTTP or HTTPS-applications can use one of \ ‘ anywhere in the client’s zone, sub-domains, addon "for installation areas.

Applications may be protected, managed and restored and Installatron supports a variety of applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others. Known for having hosted solutions offer flexible and affordable for a wide range of clients, implementing Installatron flexibility, customized by a single source of solutions.

About one-source solutions:

Specializing in content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress, a simple single-source solution, helping clients to easily get from 2007. They enjoy a wide range of customers: names such as Clark Howard, University of Southern California, Nat Geo photographer developers a hosting partner, shops, service companies, agencies must develop, reliable vendors, and people who need to enter the blogosphere. Simple source Solutions has what it takes to get to the web-Savy and novices, where they want to be on the web.

On the basis of experience gained in its design to your creations customers began to be a single solution provider name Joomla source offering web hosting services to the public in 2009 and hosted by GetSimple net. at home.